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Movies from 1931 as seen by Urban Artists around the world -

Featuring works by Bareface, Broklub, Cobre, Dan Jordan, Invader, Laszlo Gonzo, Mauro Goblin, Nando Mambo, Ras Cosmic, RAST, Rebeb, S7T VIXI, Sebastien Waknine, Takt, Thorsten Schmitt, Vassilis Rebelos, Vyal, Warren Gladwin, You killed me first & uncredited works.

DRACULA (1931)

American vampire-horror film directed by Tod Browning.

Cast: Bela Lugoci

(1) by artist Bareface - London, UK

(2) by artist Cobre - Santa Fe, Argentina

(3) by artist Mauro Goblin - Valparaiso, Chile

(1) by artist RAST - Paris, France

(2) by artist Warren Gladwin - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

(3) uncredited artist - Ph. Stéphanie Martin Petit - Rome, Italy


American horror monster film directed by James Whale.

Cast: Boris Karloff

See Guest Stars page Frankenstein

M, Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder (1931)

M, A City Searches for a Murderer

German drama-thriller film directed by Fritz Lang.

Cast: Peter Lorre

uncredited artist

Ph. Stéphanie Martin Petit

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain


American all-talking pre-Code gangster film directed by William A. Wellman.

Cast: James Cagney

by artist Ras Cosmic

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