Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Movies from 1939 as seen by Urban Artists around the world -

Featuring works by Acme 107, A.Fresco, Banksy, Blake Byers Art, Btoy, Dan Jordan, Dav', Fieldey, John Arthur Carr, Joy, Levi Ponce, Marshal Miller, Melissa Perre, Mr Lolo, Nauni69, Oré, Paul Don Smith, Piotr Bondarczyk, Vuelve Amelie, Xolor & uncredited artists.


American epic historical romance film directed by Victor Fleming.

Cast: Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh

(1) by artist A.Fresco - Ph. icietlabas.fr - Cannes, France

(2) by artist ACME 107 - Ph. Vittorio Biagi - Milano, Italy

by artist Fieldey

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

(1) by artist Dan Jordan - Mataro, Catalonia, Spain

(2) by artist Mr Lolo - canvas

by artist Blake Byers - canvas

(1) by artist Piotr Bondarczyk - Gdansk, Poland

(2) by artist Oré - Caen, France

(3) by artist Xolor - Warsaw, Poland

by artist Melissa Perre

Paris, France

uncredited artist

(1) Ph. icietlabas.fr - Cannes, France

(2) Ph. Stéphanie Martin Petit - Badalona, Catalonia, Spain


American musical comedy-drama fantasy film directed by Victor Fleming.

Cast: Judy Garland

by artist Banksy

(1) Canvas

(2) Ph. Robbie Poulton - Amsterdam, Netherlands

(1) by artist Dan Jordan - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

(2) by artist Btoy - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

(3) by artist Joy - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

by artists Nauni 69 & El Super - Almeria, Andalusia, Spain

(1) by artist Paul Don Smith - Ph. Andy Crosbie - London, UK

(2) by artist Marshal Miller - Hamburg, Germany

(1) by artist Levi Ponce - Los Angeles, USA

(2) by artist Vueve Amelie - Ph. Denis Coudon - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

(1) by artist Dav' - Lyon, France

(2) by artist John Arthur Carr - New York City, USA

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