Pulp Fiction

Updated: Sep 10

Pulp Fiction as seen by Urban Artists around the world -

Featuring works by aFase, Akse P19, Argadol, Banksy, Berok, Choq, Chris Veal, CS Stanley, Dav, Eugene Barricade, Flow, Grafodeco, Honor One, Inksamere, Joy, JPS, Make RCA, Mr Besk, Myk & Cins, Odintri, Rene Turrek, SDU, Swing Forain, Syro One, Trib Dirt, Vertical Pulse, Vuelve Amelie, Zoom & uncredited artists.

American crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino in 1994.

Cast: Uma Thurman, Samuel L.Jackson, John Travolta, Christopher Walken, Ving Rhames & Bruce Willis

(1) by artist aFase - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

(2) by artist AkseP19 - London, UK

(3) by artist Argadol

by artist Banksy

London, UK

(1) by artist Berok - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

(2) by artist Choq - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

(3) by artist Chris Veal - Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

(4) by artist CS Stanley - Shelbyville, Indiana, USA

by artist Dav'

Lyon, France

by artist Eugene Barricade

Paris, France

by artist Flow

Neuilly sur Seine & Labenne, France

(1) by artist Grafodeco - Amnéville, France

(2) by artist HonorOne - Los Angeles, California, USA

by artist Inksamere

by artist Joy

by artist JPS

Weston Super Mare, UK

(1) by artist Make RCA - Rome, Italy

(2) by artist Mr Besk - Ph. @ggayegg - Istanbul, Turkey

by artist Myk & Cins

Gdansk, Poland

(1) by artist Odintri - Saint Petersburg, Russia

(2) by artist Rene Turrek - Ph. Evgeniia Prozorova - Berlin, Germany

(3) by artist SDU

(4) by artist Swing Forrain - Ph. Véronique Milsant - Lyon, France

(1) by artist Syro One - Metz, France

(2) by artist Vuelve Amelie - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

(1) by artist Trib Dirt

(2) by artist Vertical Pulse - Ph. @adkrolikowski - Cannes, France

(3) by artist Zoom - Moscow, Russia

unidentified artists

(2) Sant Just d'Esvern, Catalonia, Spain

(3) Portugal

(4) Ph. Oksana Yermakova - Moscow, Russia

(5) Ph. Chris Schnettler - Oslo, Norway

unidentified artist & photograph

Madrid, Spain

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