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Scarface as seen by Urban Artists around the world -

Featuring works by Arteast, Atome & Frankie, Cedwik, Flow, Herr Nilsson, Honor One, Jinks Kunst, Karma, Kowse One, Mark Crossey, Paul Don Smith, Psychesoap, RAST, Sever, SLN Streetart & uncredited artists.

American crime film directed by Brian De Palma in 1983.

Cast: Al Pacino

(1) by artist Arteast

(2) by artists Atome & Frankie - Sardinia, Italy

(3) by artist Cedwik

(1) by artist Flow

(2) by artist Herr Nilsson - Åre, Sweden

(3) by artist Honor One - Los Angeles, California, USA

by artist Jinks Kunst

(1) Azemmour, Morocco

(2) Bamako, Mali

(3) Hyeres, France

(4) Rome, Italy

(1) by artist Karma - Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

(2) by Mark Crossey

(3) by artist Psychesoap

by artist Kowse One

Marseille, France

(1) by artist Paul Don Smith - London, UK

(2) by artist RAST - Paris, France

(3) by artist Sever - Miami, Florida, USA

(4) by artist SLN

uncredited artists

(1) Ph. Stéphanie Martin Petit - Mexico City, Mexico

(2) location to be confirmed

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