The Shining

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The Shining as seen by Urban Artists around the world -

Featuring works by Akse P19, Azot, Blake Byers, Bohemian Incorporated, Dan Jordan, Eugene Barricade, Flow, Inksamere, KLM, Lambros, L L Stubs Stewart, Mauro Goblin, MTO, Oakoak, SonSiOne, Zelda Bomba & uncredited artists.

British-American psychological horror film directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Cast: Jack Nicholson, Danny Lloyd & Shelley Duvall.

(1) by artist Akse P19 - Manchester, UK

(2) by artist Azot - Paris, France

(3) by artist Blake Byers

(1) by artist Dan Jordan - Mataro, Catalonia, Spain

(2) by artist KLM - Ph. Claude Degoutte - Paris, France

(3) by artist Flow - Bayonne, France

(1) by artist Lambros - New York City, USA

(2) by artist Eugene Barricade

by artist Bohemian Incorporated

Los Angeles, California, USA

by artist Mauro Goblin

Valparaiso, Chile

by artist MTO

Berlin, Germany

by artist Oakoak

Saint Etienne, France

(1) by artist Sonsione - Ph.Itziar Varela - A Coruña, Spain

(2) by artist Zelda Bomba - Ph. Claude Degoutte - Paris, France

(3) by artist Inksamere - Bordeaux, France

(1) uncredited artist (Mr?) - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

(2) uncredited artist - Ph.Sarah Momesso - Avignon, France

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